Technical Aid to Sales Growth (T.A.Gs) Program for Contact Centers, B.P.Os and Customer Service Operations

Customized Sales Training For Your Entire Technical & Customer Service Teams

Transform ordinary Technical Support and Customer Service teams into LEAD-capturing, REVENUE-generating FULL-STACK Sales teams… in 3 Training Days and a Coaching Program for Managers!

Let Us Train & Build A Sales-Enablement Team For You

STEP 1: Diagnose

Take advantage proprietary “TAGs Sales Skills Team Audit” to assess existing strengths and potential gaps, both at the team and the individual level, so your company’s training plan is truly CUSTOM.

STEP 2: Design

Working with you and your managers to build a custom-tailored plan for each team member so they take only the trainings they need, in the exact sequence they need to take them in, reducing friction and frustration and increasing the speed to ROI.

STEP 3: Implement

Working with you to roll out the training and documentation plan across all participants, and help cement a culture of growth and learning throughout the entire organization.

STEP 4: Validate

You won’t be left hanging! Our 30, 60, and 90 day check-in and followup plans ensure team members stay on track and exceed their goals. 

STEP 5: Operationalize

This is when things get REALLY practical! Working with you to customize and adjust any trainings (based on staff feedback), document all internal knowledge into shareable Playbooks, and integrate your new-found training and documentation plan into all new employee onboarding ensuring that growth never ends.

T.A.G.s Sales Program was Built For...

Managers of Customer-Facing Teams

Technical and Sales Teams

IT Sales Enabling teams