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"You don't need permission from anyone to start growing your mind." ~ Ubong Ekpo Lately I have found my mind to be more focused and this book gives clues why. It talks about how some relationships and projects should be abandoned in favor of those things that help you stay focused as you climb to the top.... This book has some information that entrepreneurs might want to read. It talks about what it takes to develop your innate abilities. Information in this book helped me see how disciplined you need to be to achieve any level of success. ~The Rebecca Review
From mentoring, life experience, study and building teams via corporate training, he has helped many individuals and Global teams build success. ...So now here he is with another successful little book IF YOU CAN JUST FOCUS, and in Yubi's typical style he mixes personal tales with his strategies for change. To attempt to reduce the content of the book to a review defeats the growth process obtained by reading it - alone, quietly and with all of your `focused' attention! His main points he distills as his designation for the key term in this book: F.O.C.U.S. is: ● Find it ● Own it ● Channel it ● Unity & Openness to Change ● Systems and habits. To go further with each of these salient points, take the opportunity to read the book for yourself and discover why you fail and how to overcome that dead end with sanity and success!
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