Tools for Measuring & Training Global IT Talent Development & Learning Teams

Everything rises and falls with leadership. Ubong has designed, delivered and evaluated successful leadership and manager workshops for global Software and IT organizations. Below are clients whose leaders & teams trusted Ubong Ekpo’s programs



Leverage Proven Talent & Training Strategies That Align to Your Business Goals and is measured like your business.

Contact Centers & Customer-Facing Teams

Whether you are starting a new call center or expanding operations, get help from an expert. Ubong has executed global contact center and customer-facing training plans from scratch, within budget and ahead of timelines.

Deploy Product Upskilling & Software Training

Launching New Software and need to train various teams in different locations on a tight timeline? If its learning a new platform, technology or process that needs to adoption across teams, you’re covered. 

Training Plans & Turning Employees into Trainers

Train the trainer programs and helping your best employees transfer knowledge. We all know your best employees are not always good trainers. There is knowledge that needs to get out to other teams but somehow does not. 

"During the time I worked with Ubong I found him to be a very insightful individual. He is a big picture thinker who considers his work and projects holistically. From the first time we met, he was interested in understanding how to align the overall strategic business objectives with his goals, activities and skillset to ensure an optimal outcome for the corporation...I highly recommend Ubong for any business looking to raise the bar."
Ann Cooper
Senior Quality Consultant at AMCOOPER Consulting, LLC
"Ubong organized on site, tailored training for our recruitment team. Goal of this training was partly to refreshen the overall skills and knowledge but also to provide them better tools and understanding of how to recruit and how to communicate with our partners and clients. This was done on the most professional and flexible way possible. His approach was very hands on and very much tailored to our organisation and needs."
Joost Scholte
New Business Development at Droxic
"I hired Ubong to organize an on site, tailored training for my commercial staff in Sofia, to train them in better understanding of IT profiles and recruitment Ubong organized this in the most professional way and in the most flexible way. I got positive feedback from my trainees, so we will continue our cooperation with Ubong for sure, as I can already see some results from his approach and training."
Francois Van Leuven
Database Architect -DNB Bank - Oslo Norway

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