"Ubong organized on site, tailored training for our IT recruitment team. The goal of this training was partly to refreshen the overall skills and knowledge but also to provide them better tools and understanding of how to recruit and how to communicate with our partners and clients. This was done on the most professional and flexible way possible. His approach was very hands on and very much tailored to our organisation and needs."
Joost Schulte
New Business Dev. Mgr. Droxic
"From the first time we met, he was interested in understanding how to align the overall strategic business objectives with his goals, activities and skillset to ensure an optimal outcome for the corporation. In addition to his business acumen, Ubong is a delight to work with. He structured and directed his team to work on the highest value activities, continually validating his assumptions and changing course as business needs changed. He is articulate, thoughtful and professional. I highly recommend Ubong for any business looking to raise the bar."
Anne Cooper
Snr. Quality Consultant at AMCOOPER Consulting, LLC

Leadership & Mgmt Development

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Executing Goals in the Midst of Change

A Preview of Training Courses

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For the best project results, start building relationships with stakeholders from the beginning.

“Start a project right by getting a very clear list of prioritized goals for the project directly from the stakeholders,” adds Ubong Ekpo, Owner, Newbie CMS, Sofia, Bulgaria. This helps ensure you and the stakeholders envision the same end results.

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